Server Migration

IT-Service for business customers
We support you with server migration.
  • We assist you with the migration of servers from all manufacturers
  • We ensure all data is migrated correctly
  • Important and sensitive data is still protected

What is the risk due to outdated server versions?

Servers that are no longer supported by the manufacturer, are more at risk to outside threats from criminals and hackers as no updates are released to fix new issues that occur daily. Your business is running a risk of becoming victim of hacking attacks, trojans or viruses. In addition, outdated servers have the disadvantage of not being compatible for new and innovative technologies such as cloud computing.

When does a server migration make sense?

If manufacturers discontinue your server products or operating systems it may be necessary to migrate on to another server or platform. Through constant technological developments, older versions of software no longer conform to the latest technical standard regarding security, hardware and data management. We can help to migrate your SQL server, Exchange or Windows servers.