All-IP Consultation

We can give you advice on the transition to All-IP technology.

Internet telephones: Switch to an All-IP connection

With All-IP you can graduate from existing old copper telephone networks to digital and IP (Internet Protocol) based networks. Services such as telephones, television and mobile services will be no longer provided by the classical system but will change with the help of computer networks packet switching. This concept will be implemented promptly for phone lines where the so-called Voice over IP ("internet telephony") has become more popular on the market, whilst analogue or ISDN connections that are not used much nowadays will disappear completely in the foreseeable future.

Much more than just telephones

The conversion from ISDN to ALL-IP opens up new possibilities. The merging of voice and data networks to IP-based reduces the cost of installation, operation and maintenance significantly. You and your company can be found more quickly thanks to simpler processes to adapt to market conditions, thereby ensuring your marketability. The existing portfolio can be transferred easily and with a few clicks. The IP-based communications will be protected and critical business data is kept safe. The new telephone system bundles all communications in a unified communications software (UCC client).

Outstanding phone systems from the cloud

Simplify your entire voice communications with the virtual PBX. Communicate in the future by a simple mouse click – no matter where you are: At your workplace, in your store, home office or on the move worldwide. High voice and service quality through the broadband infrastructure with less hardware. The virtual, flexible phone system replaces the existing one with the classic voice ports and associated costs.

Perfect service is our mission

Professional IT services at attractive fixed prices: Our network of locations throughout the UK offers professional on-site and home visit services for PCs and laptops – no matter where you bought your device and regardless of manufacturer.

Our Services

Service for End Customers

  • We offer a professional repair service for PCs and laptops, regardless of manufacturer or brand.
  • We support you in setting up your new device.
  • We install and connect your technical equipment quickly, easily and to your requirements.
  • Your motherboard does not work anymore? Your graphics card is defective? We as your PC experts save and backup your data, replace the hardware and install new components.
  • We give explanations about what we do in a way that is easy to understand.

Services for Business Customers

  • You do business. We do IT. We offer IT support for your company!
  • Whether data loss, server failure or irreparable defects. We are the professional IT service for companies to help secure your IT infrastructure from cyber criminals.
  • From the delivery and installation of IT equipment to the connection of the network and server, we are the competent partner for your company. We ensure that servers are on the cutting edge of technology, the configuration of the components is carried out professionally and businesses are ideally protected.
  • Whether technical innovations, important security updates or troubleshooting our maintenance service keeps your IT infrastructure up-to-date.
  • Transparent costs and services are the TrustATec promise and guarantee.