Professional IT services in Bristol-Patchway

Absolutely PC helps people to grow and businesses to succeed by the application of cutting edge technologies to everyday problems. Our expert team based in Bristol is available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:30. We are passionate about gaining knowledge and using it to help our clients be the best that they can. We celebrate difficulty as an opportunity to learn and develop as individuals and as a company. We uphold the most important morals of trust, honesty and integrity. Our motivation is the improvement of ourselves, our work and our productivity.

Our services*

Smartphone and tablet

We provide expert assistance in setting up your smartphone or tablet and a quick repair service.

Network and setup

Leave the installation, installation and connection of your technology to a professional partner so that you can get the most from your new equipment right away.

Data Backup£65
Data Transfer£65
Security Check Consultation£75
System Transfer£95
Virus Protectionfrom£39
Virus Removal£45
WiFi Set-up£55

Remote support by Absolutely PC’s experienced technical engineers

Remote support is a facility we offer to our clients and represents a cost effective method to give immediate assistance for software related issues. There are occasions that things go wrong or simple changes are required to systems and you need it sorting as quickly as possible. The use of remote support technology allows our engineers to fix your PC, laptop or server without the need for a callout. Once we have finished there is no residual software left on your computer so no other sessions can be made without your consent.

Virus and spyware removal in Bristol-Patchway

Threats to systems from outside the office pose a real problem. E-mails, websites and files are all a source of potential danger. Current virus software is good at protecting systems from viruses, however, when a system becomes infected, the removal of viruses can be complex. We have a lot of experience in removing viruses, spyware, malware, adware and all the other nasties from systems. We complete the job and return your computer to you within 24 hours. When removing viruses and spyware we always look at the potential reason for infection. Oftentimes it is because software and drivers have not been updated regularly and we fix these potential threats whilst repairing the computer.