IT Monitoring and Maintenance

IT-Service for business customers
We monitor and maintain your corporate IT.
  • We install a professional network monitoring software
  • We monitor your IT continuously 24/7
  • We resolve problems immediately to give you trouble-free operations
  • We automatically install updates and patches
  • We document all activities and processes

Professional IT Monitoring: The basis for secure operations

The IT of your company could be prone to intrusion or outages. Whether there are hardware problems, software errors, missing security updates or cyber-attacks – only by permanent IT maintenance, monitoring and updating of all processes you are able to keep your systems and files safe.

Risk of IT failure minimised, thanks to TrustATec

Using software solutions from leading manufacturers (Such as Autotask & LogicNow), we monitor your entire IT infrastructure. Therefore, we help the smooth running of your business and minimise the risk of malfunction, failure or cybercrime. If required, we carry out an automatic patch management, clean up temporary files and propose effective solutions for critical hardware. We provide on request all documentation and protocols that are available to give you an overview of all activities, processes and any resolved intrusions or attempted attacks.