Local Chesterfield IT and Computer Repairs

Three times the company in one convenient Trustatec partner: Since 2009, aGeek has offered the services of our experienced team of IT professionals to consumers as aGeek, to businesses as aGeek PCB Techserv and the electronics IT trade nationally as PCB Techserv.

As aGeek we take care of consumers IT and electronics and fix ’em, build ’em and sell ’em. Phones, Tablets, laptops, TVs are just the tip of our iceberg.
As aGeek PCB Techserv we do what aGeek does but with Managed Services Provision, Cloud, VOIP, Remote Monitoring & Management and so much more in a bespoke manner to SMEs. We fit to your business.
As PCB Techserv we make hardware repairs to micro board level to the IT trade.

So come to where the professionals go to have your iOS, Android and Microsoft item revived, built and protected by trusted Tecs. Get great advice, helpdesk access and IT support from our trained IT staff. Our state-of-the-art job tracking and customer service system allows seamless updates and communication at all times between you and us.

Pop-In. Great things await!

Our services*

TrustATec Services for network and setup

Network and setup

Leave the installation, installation and connection of your technology to a professional partner so that you can get the most from your new equipment right away.

Data Backup£65
Data Transfer£65
Email Set-up and Calendar Synchronisationfrom£30
Security Check Consultation£75
Switchover to VoIP telephones£159
System Transfer£95
Video Surveillance Installation£299
Virus Protectionfrom£39
Virus Removal£45
WiFi Set-up£55

Data protection and disaster recovery in Chesterfield & North Derbyshire

Protect your computer from the viruses, spyware, malware, adware and all the other nasties with a quick health check by one of our security specialists. In addition to this work we are able to provide other services including consultation, server migrations, data procurement, disaster recovery plans as well as valuable IT services and much more. Contact us and let us start to help.