Computer Virus Protection

In light of online threats from computer viruses, trojans, keyloggers, worms and other ransomware, TrustATec will install antivirus software on your computer to help protect you from any risks.

£39Fixed price*
  • The TrustATec expert will install an antivirus software onto your computer
  • We will execute the first software update and configure it
  • We ensure the functionality of the software
  • Price excl. software

Your computer is your most important device, allowing you to access your private data i.e. your email and online banking account or social media platforms. Download links can infect your computer with malware and viruses, exploit its vulnerabilities and be a threat to your computer. With our antivirus protection for computers we will protect your sensitive and personal information from viruses, trojans, spyware and other ransomware. The anti-malware software initially checks your already installed programs for critical inconsistencies, such as keyloggers, worms and other infections, and informs you of the risks. Pending new downloads or installations are tested by the antivirus software for infected code and, in case of doubt, will not be installed.

Computer Virus Protection - TrustATec keeps your Computer safe

Our experts at TrustATec will install the best computer anti-malware software onto your device and execute the first update. We will configure the installed antivirus software and test the performance of the software on your computer. The price does not include the antivirus software.

Professional IT services at fixed prices from suppliers you can trust

TrustATec offers professional IT repairs and services at affordable, fixed prices, provided by suppliers that you can trust. When something goes wrong – such as a screen or a component failure, a virus infection or a loss of data, TrustATec can fix it – quickly and cost-effectively. There are TrustATec partners all over the UK and we cover all brands and manufacturers. We’ll always explain what we are going to do in simple terms and with fixed prices for pre-defined services, you will always know where you stand.

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Our professional repair and furnishing service for PCs and laptops of all manufacturers and brands. Fast, reliable and at a fixed price.

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We provide expert assistance in setting up your smartphone or tablet and a quick repair service.

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Hardware and software

In the case of hardware and software problems, we save your data, replace the defective hardware and install new components properly.

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Leave the installation, installation and connection of your technology to a professional partner so that you can get the most from your new equipment right away.

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We do IT! For a fixed price. For all brands and manufacturers.

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