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Set up your custom built computer - quick and professional set-up at TrustATec
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  • high-quality spare parts
  • local service at fixed prices
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Configurate your custom-built computer in three steps at TrustATec

Visit your local TrustATec dealer and describe your desired computer

Whenever you're in need of a custom-built computer, go and talk to your local TrustATec partner. We will discuss a bespoke computer solution that fits your needs.

Fast and reliable costum-built computers by TrustATec

We will discuss all relevant details and computer accessories before providing you with an individual offer. We will design a bespoke computer solution, according to your needs.

Professional custom-built computers - ready to go on arrival

We configure your desired computer and install the needed drivers and hardware components. On request we also offer an installation service, enabling you to work with your new device immediately.

Services with fixed prices

Configure your custom-built computer with TrustATec

Have your custom PC build at TrustATec

Has your computer slowed down? Do you want to have a new custom built PC? Our team at TrustATec can build a computer specifically tailored for your needs. No matter if you require a lot of working memory or a specific hard drive for your PC, we will find the right hardware components and assemble them with our expert knowledge.

Assemble your computer at TrustATec

Do you already know what you will be needing your new PC for? Do you mainly want to edit photos, or be able to keep a large number of video and music files at hand? Do you have ideas or wishes regarding the requirements your computer should meet? Let us know and we can build your custom computer at TrustATec. We will offer you a choice of solution, specifically designed to fit the needs and requirements for your new PC.

Personal assistance with your purchase at TrustATec

Do you want a silent-PC that works extremely quiet? Or do you appreciate sustainability and Green IT and wish for a computer which is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient? Or maybe you belong to the group of hardcore gamers and overclockers, who enjoy driving their PC to its limits? Do you want to be able to choose your computer’s components based on performance and up-to-dateness? Let our team of technicians at TrustATec talk to you about different types of hardware such as mainboards, processors, drives, graphic boards and hard disks. We can tell you in detail which hardware components work best together and which ones are compatible. We will provide you with a detailed list of components and propose a transparent price with your new computer purchase.

What we offer:

  • We listen to your requirements and wishes in a one-on-one sales pitch.
  • We offer advice on which components to choose and ensure that they are compatible.
  • We provide you with an offer in writing for your custom PC.
  • We list all computer components and prefabricated parts in our offer.
  • We only use CE-certified quality components by leading hardware manufacturers.
  • We guarantee that your computer is professionally assembled and make sure that all hardware components are wired correctly.
  • Based on your wishes we install the matching operating system, Windows or Linux - whatever you need.
  • We check your computer system and conduct a thorough test of all functions.

Computer hardware configuration by TrustATec

Do you want your new computer to work safe and steady? Is the professional assembly of hardware components like mainboard, graphic boards, power adapter and drive important to you? The technicians at our service shops will assemble your custom computer parts and connect them, so that you can immediately start using your new custom built PC. We get your new computer ready for use - including the installation of all necessary drivers for your new hardware components. This way we will make sure that you are getting a fast and powerful computer from the get-go. To build your new PC system we use quality components by leading manufacturers such as: Asus, EVGA, XFX, Sapphire, Intel, Asrock, Samsung, Crucial, Corsair, Kingston, Bequiet, Silverstone, Enermax, G.Skill, ADATA, GeIL, Scythe, Coolermaster, Lian Li, Creative, Monster Cable, Oehlbach.

Choose i.e. the following components for your custom-built PC:

  • Processor
  • Graphic board
  • Main memory
  • Hard drive / SSD
  • Operating system
  • Optical disc drive
  • Computer cooling
  • Mainboard
  • Computer case
  • Power adapter
  • Multi card reader
  • PCI expansion card
  • Additional hard drive
  • Additional drive
  • Operating system software
  • Office software
  • Security software
  • Wireless LAN

A quick and professional custom-made computer service

If your computer has slowed down or you have special requirements for your device, our service provides you with the desired computer of your choice. No matter whether your focus is on data processing, photo and video editing or gaming - with TrustATec you are provided with the device you want and need. We will advise you in detail on your requirements and recommend the appropriate components. Of course, we make sure that all components are compatible so that your new computer works perfectly. Before you receive your desired PC, we carry out a detailed function test so that you can enjoy your desired computer right from the start.

We do IT! For a fixed price. For all brands and manufacturers.

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