Data Recovery

There can be many reasons for data loss. However, it is important to have an IT expert at your side who can recover deleted data (also known as recovery) and ensure that your important documents, pictures, photos or other personal files are accessible quickly for you again.

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  • We perform an analysis of the damaged or faulty hard drive to establish the cause of data loss
  • We check whether and to what extent data recovery is possible
  • We recover and restore the deleted data whenever possible

TrustATec will save your data in case of loss – fast, reliable and for a fixed price. In the event of a crash of the hard drive or after a virus attack, data can be lost or completely destroyed. Sometimes even minor shocks or power surges are enough to cause a partial or complete loss of data, since hard drives can be very sensitive and quickly damaged. In some cases, however, data also disappears because of the user's lack of knowledge, for example, when the system gets rebuilt completely without having previously backed up the important files externally, or when data is deleted by mistake. When this happens, personal documents, pictures, photos, emails and other programs are completely erased, all at once. In many cases, however, deleted data can be recovered completely or at least partially. At TrustATec, our technicians will be happy to advise you which data recovery options are best for you. In the event of particularly drastic damage (e.g. serious physical hardware damage), we will establish contact with a specialist data recovery laboratory - however, extra costs may occur, which we would inform you about in advance.

Restore files through a professional data recovery

Are you unsure how to restore a hard drive and, even if you did, whether it will do any good? Have you upgraded your operating system and now your own files are gone? Is a virus responsible for your data loss? Would you like to know if your deleted pictures can be restored? At TrustATec, we are happy to examine the possibility of a complete data recovery or at least partial recovery of your personal files, documents, photos and images. To do this, we analyse the cause of the data loss – as far as possible – and evaluate how much data can still be saved on the hard drive. This varies depending on the cause of the damage. In our technical workshop, we examine in detail if your data can be saved, and how much of it. If it is possible to recover all or specific data, we use special recovery tools. If possible, we restore the detected files. However, if it is serious physical damage, we can offer to contact a special data recovery laboratory. However, you should only choose this option if the deleted data is of immense importance (e. g. in the case of company data), because the date recover in a data recovery lab could potentially become very pricey. Are you looking for a way to recover deleted files stored on a USB flash drive or memory card? Just contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

If nothing works – advantages and disadvantages of the data recovery laboratory

In case of serious physical damage to the hard drive, deleted data can often only be recovered with the help of special measures. If even the TrustATec technicians can't go any further, the last resort is to send the hard drive drive to a professional data recovery laboratory. If the hard drive needs to be opened, there may be no way around consulting a data recovery lab. Hard disks are manufactured under cleanroom conditions - i.e. they may only be opened in a clean room laboratory. This ensures that the hard drive will not suffer further irreparable damage and even more lost personal data.

Professional IT services at fixed prices from suppliers you can trust

TrustATec offers professional IT repairs and services at affordable, fixed prices, provided by suppliers that you can trust. When something goes wrong – such as a screen or a component failure, a virus infection or a loss of data, TrustATec can fix it – quickly and cost-effectively. There are TrustATec partners all over the UK and we cover all brands and manufacturers. We’ll always explain what we are going to do in simple terms and with fixed prices for pre-defined services, you will always know where you stand.

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Our professional repair and furnishing service for PCs and laptops of all manufacturers and brands. Fast, reliable and at a fixed price.

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We provide expert assistance in setting up your smartphone or tablet and a quick repair service.

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Hardware and software

In the case of hardware and software problems, we save your data, replace the defective hardware and install new components properly.

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Leave the installation, installation and connection of your technology to a professional partner so that you can get the most from your new equipment right away.

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