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How to easily convert your JPG files


Once in a while you need to send files. Then you are probably familiar with these problems: The files are too big to be sent, your internet connection is not sufficient or the recipient’s storage limit is too small. This is especially problematic with photos and images, so called JPG files. In this case it is useful to convert JPG files to a PDF format. This makes it much easier to send your files.

We tell you what exactly JPG means, how you can convert JPG files to PDF and which software (also called conversion programme) you should use.

What is a JPG file?

First we answer the most basic question: What is a JPG or JPEG file? JPEG ist the name for a norm of image compression. Image compression in turn means that a the original file is converted into a fully restorable form that takes up less storage space. But it can also entail removing data whose absence is not noticeable. The name JPEG stems from Joint Photographic Expert Group committee, which is developed the JPEG norm in 1992. The new files produced by the process of image compression are saved as JFIF files (JPEG File Interchange Format). This is only a means to store JPEG files. Alternatives are the formats SPIFF (Still Picture Interchange File Format) and JNG (JPEG Network Graphics).

JPG to PDF converter online

You cannot send your JPG file for whichever reason? This is not a problem because you can convert your file to make it transmissible. It is easiest to convert your files into a PDF format. You can read how to do this the other way around in our article “Convert PDF to JPG”.

Now you have to decide how to convert your JPG file to a PDF. You can either use a online platform to do so, or you can install a programme on your computer. If you decide to do this online you just have to type in “convert jpg to pdf online” into a search engine. You can choose from a variety of different online tools. We tested online2pdf and ilovepdf for you but there are many similar ones.

Convert files online with online2pdf

Using the online tool online2pdf it is very easy to convert JPG to PDF files. Just click on the provider’s website and click on the button “Select Files”, which is highlighted in grey. You can now choose a JPG file that is stored on your computer to convert online. However, the files must not exceed 50 MegaByte (MB) and all selected files combined cannot exceed 100 MB. You can select 20 files at the same time. In the next step you can edit, delete or add another file. The settings allow you to choose the image’s quality and decide which page layout and orientation you want for the final PDF file. Now click on the red button titled “Convert” and the process will start right away. A few seconds later you will see a green field with a green check mark. Now you can choose to convert additional files or return to selection. The former JPG file is saved as a PDF in your download folder. But don’t worry: The original image is still stored on your computer.

Convert JPG to PDF with ilovepdf

Just as quick to use for the conversion of JPG to PDF is ilovepdf. This tool does not offer as many setting options to choose from. It is however, very easy to use. First click on the red button titled “Select JPG images”. A folder of your memory will open up. You can still select any other folder to save the images to. The image you have selected will appear on a white page on your screen. Now you can choose which PDF format you want your image to be converted to and if you want to have a borderless PDF or not. Just try the options - the preview will show you how this affects the final PDF. If you have decided on all the options you just have to click “Convert to PDF” and it will only take seconds until you have the converted image in your download folder. Should this somehow not work, you can download the respective file for another hour by clicking “Download PDF”. The file will be deleted thereafter. Furthermore you can just copy the download link below the PDF and send it.

Software to convert JPG files offline

If you don’t want to save your images on an external server to convert them, you can also choose to convert to JPG offline. This requires you to search for a conversion software online and download this programme to your laptop or computer. Many of these conversion programmes are even for free. We tested three different ones: JPG to PDF, PDFCreator and PDF24Creator.

Convert files with JPG to PDF

After downloading and installing the software, you can convert files with the programme JPG to PDF. The software is free to use and also offers many more file formats, such as PNG, GIF and BMP. Start the programme and just insert the image you want to convert into the window. Now you have to select the file name and where the final file will be saved. Next you can choose additional qualities: You can select where your image is positioned in the PDF and you can edit the image’s length and height. The next mouse click will convert your image to a PDF. It will be saved in the folder you selected previously.

The programme lacks the feature to use drag&drop. That means that you cannot click directly on your images and drag them into the open window. Moreover, batch processing is also not possible. You have to select every image individually to convert it. But the conversion is quick and using the software is very easy.

JPG to PDF with PDFCreator

Another, but only partially free to use, tool to convert JPG to PDF is called PDF Creator. You can also use this software to create your own PDF files. The programme is very easy to use. It basically works under Windows by pretending to be a printer. With this virtual printer you can create PDFs from all sorts of programmes. The only difference between this software and a real printer: You do not get a printed sheet of paper but a PDF file on your computer. After selecting the right image you just have to use the print function and with just one click on “Save” your image is convert to a PDF file.

The software PDFCreator is ideal to easily convert JPG to PDF. But when you are installing the programme you will also be offered an additional software called “PDF Architect”. This is not free of charge and you should not choose to install it if you do not intend to pay for the features offered.

Convert with PDF24Creator

The third programme we tested for you is called “PDF24Creator”. This software is also free to use and makes the conversion of JPG files to PDF very easy. First, you have to install PDF24 Creator as a virtual printer with the name “PDF24”. Afterwards you can use the software like any other printer but again, you will not receive a printed page but a new PDF file saved on your computer. And this is how you do it: Just open a JPG file that you want to convert into a PDF. Now select “Print” and choose the printer “PDF24”. The programme will automatically open up an assistant and you can decide whether to save the new PDF file, display or edit it.

And there is even more you can do with the PDF file: The toolbar will give you the option “Tools”. Here you can disassociate a single page from the PDF at hand or insert an already existing Office document. You can also merge several documents into one file. The PDF24 Creator also gives you the option to encrypt your PDF files. That way you can prevent any unauthorized access, print or edit. Using a password you can also protect, sign and include a watermark, seal or add a preview option. The possibility to preview your file makes it easier to navigate through larger documents.

Alternative ways to convert JPG files

There are many more softwares to convert JPG to PDF besides the ones we tested for you. Some are free to download, while others only work online. It is definitely worth trying out different programmes to find out which one works best for you. There are also many programmes you can buy to convert JPG to PDF. Most of these offer additional features. You have to decide for yourself which programme you prefer. In any case: You can get quick and easy advice at a TrustATec partner near you with our free software advisory service.

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