Expand your wifi range

Wifi signal as far as your garden


Not even an easy task in your own home: Wifi coverage. Thick walls and furniture interfere with wifi reception. Not even as far as your terrace or balcony and there is no chance of a good internet connection. We tell you how you can easily solve this problem.

The weather is nice and temperatures invite you to finish your work on your computer outside surrounded by fresh air. And not only the good weather but also the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia make staying outside that much more tempting. Unfortunately, this does seldomly work with a poor wifi signal. Most of us do not cannot place a LAN cable right through their flat or even want to. That means: Wifi repeater and range extenders have to do the trick.

Wifi repeater and other methods

It’s best to avoid wifi range problems in the first place. You can do so by placing your router next to your terrace or balcony door. But due to the fact that most connections are located in the office this could pose a problem. You can work around this problem with a wifi repeater. These small devices are connected to the power supply system, catch the wifi signal and reinforce said signal. To receive the best outcome you have to place the repeater near your preferred work place outside. However, you have to pay attention to place the device inside and within reach of your wifi router.

Choose the right repeater

As with all devices you have to think about your personal requirements before you buy a wifi repeater. Manufacturers offer everything from ultra compactly built devices with less functions to all-rounders in their field. The most striking differences is a repeater’s throughput rate, that means how much data per second can be transferred between the connected devices. Some repeater also offer additional functions such as cable TV transmission to mobile or stationary devices. If you want to watch important sport events outside on your TV or tablet, these devices are right for you. There are also differences in general transmission rate between individual devices. These might range from 1,300 to 300 MBit/s. However, the transmission rate only gives you a clue about the speed at which the connected devices communicate, not about the general speed of your internet connection as offered by your provider. Owners of NAS-systems, that means private data servers which are connected to your network, should make sure to get a good transmission rate. This way smooth and uninterrupted streams and transmissions can be ensured. Choosing the right repeater is a very individual decision. Of course you can always come to a TrustATec partner near you for help. You can also find more advice on our special buy advisory pages.

Settings and safety

Generally Wifi networks are by standard encrypted with the highest possible safety. You can view these settings depending on the brand you use by opening up a web interface in your browser. You can find the login data and the matching web address on the back of your device. Connected wifi repeaters will automatically access the router network as an external device and adopt the default security settings. However, depending on the device’s manufacturer this can be different: After successfully connecting the repeater you can access the device with a mobile phone or tablet through your wifi settings. You can now set the repeater according to your preferences. You can even edit the security settings and the level of encryption. If your repeater is connected to your standard router, your wifi signal will be strengthened in certain range.
If you need help with this sometimes rather difficult set up, do not hesitate to contact our DSL WIFI service. Our partners offer to come to your home and help you with the set up of your device - individually and competently.
Do you manage a hotel or company and want to provide your guests and customers with a strong wifi signal? We offer to check your wifi coverage and can also set up access points.

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