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Did you change your keyboard settings, perhaps by accident? This can easily happen and you should know how to reset your keyboard to continue working with it as usual. We’ll show you how to fix your keyboard and explain the most frequent causes of keyboard problems.

Often it only takes pressing one wrong key: Your keyboard has been readjusted and instead of letters you are now seeing numbers or special characters on your screen. Maybe you accidentally switched your keyboard to a different language? In any case we have a quick and short explanation for reversing these changes.

How to change keyboard settings - our solutions

Keyboard switched to different language

You are typing “Z”, but “Y” appears on your screen? You might have accidentally switched your keyboard layout to German. But this problem can be solved quickly. Just press Alt and Shift to reset your keyboard back to English. By the way: If you want to permanently switch your keyboard to any other language, you have to do so in your keyboard settings. With Windows 7, 8 or 10 just type “keyboard” into Windows search. Then select “Edit language and keyboard options” from the list of results and under “Change keyboards” make the desired changes.

Text overwritten

This kind of shifted keyboard setting can drive you mad. Every character you type in automatically overwrites prewritten text. Your new text deletes your old text. This keyboard problem is especially common when using Microsoft Office programs. With this problem it is of no use realigning the cursor or straining the space key. The only solution when your text is automatically overwritten is pressing the “insert” key.

Keyboard writes in capital letters

No matter, whether you are typing or when even pressing “Shift”: Your keyboard only writes capital letters (also called upper case letters)? For us the case is clear: You have activated the caps lock function. This key is not to be confused with the case shift key, “Shift”, which is used only occasionally. Contrary to the former, the caps lock key makes sure that only the secondary symbol of a key is typed. That means a capital letter instead of a lower case letter, also a “!” instead of a “1”. If you want to deactivate the caps lock key and go back to writing ‘normal’, you just have to press the key again.

Numbers instead of letters

If you are using a laptop you can not only be confused by the secondary symbols of a key, but also by a third additional character. If you have changed your keyboard in this manner, you will receive numbers only instead of letters. To solve this keyboard problem you just have to press the keys “Fn” and “Num” simultaneously (in some cases only pressing the “Num” key is already sufficient).

Keyboard does not write at all

But what if all of these tips are of no help and your problem is more serious because your keyboard has stopped working? This looks like a case for TrustATec. If your keyboard problems are caused by a hardware defect, no key combination will help you. In case of an emergency you can activate the on-screen keyboard as a start, but this is generally not a great alternative. Your local technical expert can offer quick and personal help. We offer a professional replacement for laptop keyboards at a fixed price or show you the best external keyboards for your laptop or computer. Just contact us, easy and non-binding, to make your keyboard problems go away.

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