Disable and re-enable your touchpad

Turn your laptop touchpad on and off


When writing a text on your laptop, it can sometimes be helpful to deactivate its mousepad to ensure working without interruption. Otherwise, you can easily be disturbed by accidentally sweeping over your touchpad’s cursor i.e. with the heel of your hand. But how can you disable your touchpad and how do you re-enable it again? We’ll show you how.

Often you can deactivate your touchpad by using a combination of keys or by choosing an option in your operating system’s control terminal. If your touchpad is disabled and you are looking to use it again, you also need to use a specific key combination or need to consult the hardware settings of your laptop. In our expert advice, we tell you how to deactivate your touchpad, and also how to enable it again later on.

Disabling your laptop touchpad - why?

When is the right time to deactivate your laptop touchpad? A hardware defect could be causing your laptop touchpad to malfunction. This could make the cursor appear on your screen, without you being able to control it through your touchpad. If your laptop touchpad is activated, but not working properly, you might be unable to use your laptop. In this case, deactivating your touchpad allows your laptop to be connected to an external mouse, thereby bypassing the hardware issue. Furthermore, if you generally prefer working with a mouse via your laptop’s USB port, you might also choose to disable your touchpad. You can access all functions of your touchpad with an external mouse. Your laptop’s touchpad needs power to work. By turning off your touchpad you can save energy and increase your battery life. If your laptop touchpad has shut down without your conscious effort and you don’t know what to do, you can find advice in the report “Disable/Enable the Touchpad”.

Use a key combination to deactivate your touchpad

Some laptop types have a special key combination to help you disable their touchpads. Often you can find the key to deactivate your touchpad in the top row, where the F-keys are located. With most computers and laptops the F-keys have a double function. You can access the differently coloured functions by simultaneously pressing the Fn-key and a F-key. If your laptop has a special key to turn off your touchpad, this will be indicated by a touchpad symbol. Look for this key and try pressing it in combination with the Fn-key to deactivate your touchpad. As soon as you want to continue using your touchpad, press the same combination of keys again to activate your laptop touchpad.

Disable touchpad with Windows 10

If you cannot deactivate your touchpad using a combination of keys, there is also the possibility to turn off your touchpad through your operating system. When using Windows 10 you can disable your touchpad by going to “settings”. For this type “Settings” into the search field on the lower left. Open “Settings” and choose the “Devices” category. On the left you will see several subcategories for hardware settings, where you will find the settings for “Touchpad”. Click on touchpad and you will automatically reach the touchpad settings. Here you can move the checkmark under “Touchpad” to make it change from On to Off. When you want to re-enable your touchpad, you just have to click again again.

Are you experiencing any hardware issues on your laptop or are unable to use your laptop with an external device such as a mouse? Do you have issues with your laptop’s touchpad? Visit your local TrustATec service partner to quickly have your problems solved.

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