Protect your files with a password

Protect your Windows folders from curious eyes


Are you looking to protect your files with a password? This is understandable, especially if you are sharing a computer with other people. We show you how to encrypt folders under Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

If you are sharing a computer with friends, family or colleagues, you will be familiar with the situation: You do not want another person to be able to look into your private files and folders. For this reason, many users are very interested in protecting not only individual documents but also whole folders with a password.

Protecting folders with a password - is this even possible?

Generally speaking: no. At least according to the standard and default functions of Windows (read the official statement by Microsoft here). Up until now it is only possible to protect individual files like Excel tables or Word documents with a password. There is no analog option for folders. That is why you have to resort to additional software to protect your folders with a password. We recommend the well-established and free-to-use program WinRAR. This program is actually designed to compress large folders (for example, to send them via email), but it is also useful to protect folders with a password. You can also find many alternative programs with the same function. When in doubt ask your local TrustATec partner to find out if a software is trustworthy and without unwanted side effects (like Adware or toolbars).

Encrypt folders with WinRAR

To protect a folder with a password you have to follow these steps:

  • Download the free WinRAR software and install the program on your computer.
  • Open WinRAR and select the folder that you want to protect with a password.
  • Use a right-click on the folder and select “Move files to archive”.
  • Now you have to select “Choose a password”. If you want to know how to choose a safe password which you can easily remember, you should read our article “Focus password safety”.
  • Now confirm with “OK”.

Now your folder is encrypted and cannot be opened without entering the password. Do you have additional questions or need support? Our technicians will gladly assist you with your issues. Just contact a TrustATec service partner near you and get a no-obligation consultation. Make use of our Security Check Consultation or Computer & Laptop Diagnosis, we will answer all of your questions concerning password protection and encryption, but we also test for and clear your system of third-party access, spyware, and all viruses with our Virus Removal service.

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