How to change your WhatsApp number

Transfer your WhatsApp account and chat logs to a new number


Are you looking to change your WhatsApp number because you just got a new phone? Of course, you don’t want to lose all of your chat logs and transfer all your contacts. We’ll show you how to transfer your WhatsApp account to a new number and what you have to pay attention to.

Furthermore, we’ll answer important questions like: What happens to old chats saved under your old number? If your number is reassigned, can the next owner read your old chat logs? How can you transfer old chat logs to your new number on WhatsApp? We’ll explain what you have to do to keep your contacts, chat logs and account data to yourself.

WhatsApp: New number, old mobile

Whenever you get a new mobile phone number, whether it is with a new sim card due to a change of contract or a new phone, you’ll have to change your WhatsApp account information and save the new number. The easiest way to do so is by clicking on “Change Number”. You can find this option in your Settings, under Account. This applies to both Android and iOS devices.

To smoothly transition from your old to a new number, you should inform all your contacts about this change so they delete your old mobile number from their phone and replace it with the new WhatsApp number.

Providers usually reassign old numbers. But don’t worry: Your old chat logs and account settings will stay on your phone because they are not tied to your mobile number. It could happen though, that a contact tries to call your old number and ends up talking to the new owner of your old number.

Change WhatsApp number - Android and iPhone

Here is a step-by-step manual that guides you through the how to change your WhatsApp number easily and quickly:

  1. Insert your new sim card and make sure that it is activated, i.e. that you can receive messages. Go to “Settings” in your WhatsApp.
  2. Select “Account”.
  3. Go to “Change Number”.
  4. Type in your old number, the number you are currently using for WhatsApp, into the first field.
  5. In the second field, you’ll have to insert your new number.
  6. Confirm this change.
You can find additional help on WhatsApp’s website. Here you’ll also find how to change numbers on phone types other than Android and iPhones, e.g. Blackberry, Windows Phone or Nokia. After you have completed the change, your number will be verified.

WhatsApp: New mobile, old number

You can keep your account data in case you are only looking to switch to a new mobile phone whilst staying with the same number. In this case it doesn’t matter whether you choose to stay with the same type of phone or make a change from Android to iOS or vice versa. Your WhatsApp account data is tied to your number.

To make use of WhatsApp on your new mobile, you’ll firstly have to download the app. Afterwards you should verify your old WhatsApp number; your account data and your profile picture should be automatically transferred.

However, you cannot transfer your old chat logs and messages. These are stored on your old phone. Therefore you should make sure that all your data is deleted from your old device. Also make sure to delete the data from the memory card. This is the only way to ensure that your private data and WhatsApp chat logs are save from strangers.

WhatsApp: Transfer chat logs to the same mobile model

Transfer chat logs on Android devices

If you stick with your old mobile model when changing your phone, i.e. your new mobile is another Android device, you will be able to transfer your old chat logs.

We’ll explain to you how this works on an Android mobile:

  1. Open settings and go to “Chat Settings”.
  2. Select “Chat Backup” and wait until this process is completed.
  3. Connect your mobile to your computer with a USB cable.
  4. Go to the folder “WhatsApp/Databases”. This folder contains all backup files that the messenger has created. It also includes all chats.
  5. Select the file with the most recent date in its name and copy this file. Depending on how long you have been using WhatsApp and therefore how big the backup is, this will take some time.
  6. Save this file on your computer.
  7. You can now install WhatsApp on your new device, but please do not start the app yet. Before the first start, connect your new mobile to your computer using USB.
  8. You can now transfer the previously saved file, your chat log, to the same spot on your new mobile. Namely to the folder “WhatsApp/Databases”.
  9. Before your first start, your new number will be verified by WhatsApp. Afterwards, you can restore your old chats.

Transfer chat logs from iPhone to iPhone

An iPhone also offers the option to transfer old chat logs to a new iPhone using a backup. You can use the iPhone’s cloud function for help. We’ll show you how: First, you have to manually create a backup. Go to “Chats” in your WhatsApp and then to “Chat Backups”. Afterwards, click on “Back Up Now”. Additionally, you’ll have the option to include videos. Depending on your internet connection and the overall size of the backup, this can take some time. There are the following prerequisites for a WhatsApp backup on an iPhone:

  • You are using iOS 5.1 or later.
  • You are signed up on iCloud (iPhone settings, iCloud).
  • For iOS7: Documents and data in your iPhone settings have to be on “ON”.
  • For iOS8 and later: iCloud Drive in your iPhone settings has to be on “ON”.
  • You have enough free storage in your Cloud and on your iPhone.

To restore your old WhatsApp chat logs from iCloud on a new device, you’ll first have to check whether your backup is available via Cloud. Go to your WhatsApp “Settings”/“Chats” after your last backup was created. If you find a recent one you can delete WhatsApp from your old mobile. Now install WhatsApp from the App Store on your new iPhone and carry out the instructions. After you have verified your old number, you’ll have to follow the instructions on the screen to restore your old chat logs.

Of course, you’ll have to comply with the same prerequisites that applied to create a backup (see above) and you’ll have to use the same mobile number. This means at the same time that you cannot restore chat logs from another WhatsApp account. If you pay attention to this manual, it should be easy to transfer your old WhatsApp chat logs.

Change WhatsApp number and more - mobile service at a TrustATec partner

Do you own a different type of mobile phone than the previously discussed Android or iOS devices? The WhatsApp help pages might be able to help you out.

Does this all seem way too complicated to you? Do you need help with your WhatsApp number? Do not hesitate and find a TrustATec service partner near you. Our experts are happy to help you with your new mobile device and your new number with our Android Phone Set-up Service and our Android Phone Full Set-up Service.

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