How to stop unwanted calls

Permanently block calls


You want to stop a certain number from calling your mobile but don’t know where to find the right settings on your iPhone or Android phone? Please find our descriptions below, showing you how to quickly and easily block callers.

Unfortunately not every call you receive will cause joy. Some might even not only be unpleasant but also annoying and harassing. Cold calls, mobile phone advertising, and others will make you want to block specific contacts, not even mentioning anonymous calls. Below you will find all the information on how to permanently or temporarily stop unwanted calls.

Block callers on iPhone

By using the “Settings” on your iPhone you can easily block numbers and even specific contacts. The advantage is that the respective number can neither call you, nor send you a text message. Follow the steps below to block a phone number: Go to “Settings” and select “Phone”. Under “Call Blocking & Identification”, choose the option “Block Contact…” to add the number you want to block. Useful tip: You can even choose to block a certain email address, if for example the contact sends you messages via e-mail. The disadvantage: You always need the specific number or email address to block a contact. It is not possible to generally block anonymous numbers from calling your iPhone.
By the way: When going to “Settings” and “Phone” you can also choose to not show your own caller ID to call others anonymously. Just use the slide control under “Show My Caller ID” to make your calls anonymous.

Block unwanted calls on Android phones

Even though not all Android phones look the same, their functionality is pretty similar. Read below an instruction on how to block a phone number for the most popular Android mobiles.

Block a number on Samsung Galaxy S8

To stop unwanted calls on a Samsung Galaxy S8, running on the operating system Android, you have to follow these steps: Make sure to save the number, you would like to block, in your contacts. Then go to contacts, click on the contact to block and choose “Details”. Within this detailed view of the contact, click the three dots in the top right corner. A new menu appears, offering you the option to “Block contact”. When choosing this option, you will be notified that “you won’t receive any calls or messages from this contact from now”. After confirming this by pressing “Block” the contact is now blocked and you will not receive any further messages or calls.

Block mobile numbers on Google Nexus 5

While Samsung and HTC use the ready-to-use Android version with their phones and shape it according to their own design, Google Nexus phones use “Stock Android”, the unmodified Android version. Follow these steps to stop unwanted calls or block a phone number: Save the respective number as a contact, if you haven’t done so already, in your phone book. Then open your menu and go to “Options” and tick the box “Calls”. Now all incoming calls from this number will automatically be redirected to voicemail.

Block callers on HTC M7

When using a HTC mobile (we tried this with the HTC M7 model, running on Android version 5.0.2) the procedure to stop unwanted calls is almost the same. First, go to your contacts and choose “Options”. This will show the “Block Contact” option. Choose this option and you will open up a new window to save all of the person’s contact information to your Google account first. This could come in handy if you reconsider deleting the number, i.e. from an ex-boyfriend. But you are not obliged to save this data, you can also just add the contact to your list of blocked numbers. The respective contact is now completely blocked and can neither call nor send you any text messages.

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