On-screen keyboard

Use an on-screen keyboard with Windows 7 to 10


An on-screen keyboard can come in quite handy in case your external keyboard has stopped working. We’ll tell you how to use an on-screen keyboard under Windows 7, 8 and 10.

An on-screen keyboard is the best makeshift solution whenever problems with your external keyboard occur and your physical keyboard refuses to work properly. This can happen if you accidentally spill coffee over your keyboard, or change your keyboard settings. Suddenly certain letters don’t work anymore, show different symbols or individual keys are locked. Despite these problems, you are able to continue to use your computer by enabling the on-screen keyboard. This way you can type important texts without using the physical keyboard.

How to use an on-screen keyboard

The on-screen keyboard is a virtual keyboard, which is displayed on your screen and equipped with all standard keys. You can select the individual keys with your mouse and hereby emulated the keyboard writing experience. To enable the on-screen keyboard simply via mouse-click follow these steps:

  • Click the “Start”-button in your Windows menu.
  • Type in “On-Screen Keyboard” and hit enter.
  • An “On-screen keyboard” will open automatically.

Alternatively, you can use the traditional Windows search field to find the application.

If most keys on your external keyboard are still working correctly, you can also do the following:

  • Open the Windows prompt by pressing the Windows and “R”-key simultaneously.
  • Type in “cmd” and hit enter. The Windows command prompt will open up.
  • Type in “osk”, hit enter and the on-screen keyboard will automatically open.

Select the on-screen keyboard mode

There are different options to use the on-screen keyboard. To change the type of entry, just click on “Options” on the lower right of the on-screen keyboard.

  • Click-mode: Letters, numbers, and symbols are typed in via mouse-click.
  • Show-mode: With this mode, it’s sufficient to remain on the respective virtual key with your cursor.
  • Navigation-mode: You can select this mode to enter text with a joystick or gamepad.

Turn off an on-screen keyboard

To turn off the on-screen keyboard you simply have to close the window by pressing the “X” in the upper right corner. Even after succeeding to use the on-screen keyboard for urgent text entries, you should immediately get a new physical keyboard or get a repair for the broken one. A TrustATec service partner near you will gladly help you with our expert Laptop Keyboard Replacement at a fixed price. If you are looking to buy a new keyboard for your desktop computer, we can offer our expert advice to guide you through the selection.

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