Change language preferences on Windows

How to change the system language on Windows


If you’ve installed a non-English version of the Windows operating system you will not get English as the default system language. But how can you change the language preferences on Windows and how can you install an additional language package?

Setting a different system language on a shared Windows computer can especially be helpful when other family members or friends also want to use the device but in another language. You can adjust the system language in the computer’s settings. We’ll tell you how you can also change the Windows language preference.

Change language preferences on Windows

But how can you change the prefered language on Windows devices? This depends on the Windows operating system you are using, i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. You can only find and change the system language under the system settings. When adjusting the language preferences all descriptions in the menu and general software language of your Windows computer will be displayed in the chosen language. In the following we’ll tell you what you have to do to change the language preferences in each of the different Windows versions. Setting the prefered language is very easy for the Windows versions 8 and 10, whereas you cannot change the system language in Windows 7 that easily. Read below where we explain step by step.

Change the system language on Windows 10

To change the language preferences on Windows 10 you have two option to get to the system language settings. Click on the Windows icon in the lower left of your screen and then type in “Region & Language Settings”. The application will pop up in the overview. Alternatively, you can also use the Windows search field Cortana to type in “Region & Language Settings” - you’ll receive the same result.

Now open the “Region & Language Settings” application. Whilst you can change the set Region at the top, you can find the Language settings below. Here you’ll be able to see and re-set the default language, add another language, or remove one. To add a new Windows language click “Add a language” and choose the new language. When installing the language package, the box “Set as my Windows display language” will be ticked by default. If you would not like the display language to change immediately, please untick this before clicking “Install”. After installing the language package will be added to the “Region & Language setting” overview, allowing you to change between the installed language settings with a single click. You can now use your preferred language on Windows.

Change language preferences under Windows 8

The process of changing to another system language under Windows 8 is very similar to the process under Windows 10. To open the control panel, swipe to the right end of your screen and tap “Search”. When using a mouse, point the cursor at the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse down and click “Search”. Here search for “Control Panel” and click the “Control Panel”. After entering “Add a language” in the search box, tap the choice and then click “Advanced settings”. Choose Override for default input method” before choosing the new default language and saving it with “Save”.

Change language preferences under Windows 7

To change the default language preferences under Windows 7, you also need to go to the “Region & Language Settings”. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the Windows start button and then the appearing search bar, alternatively use the Cortana search bar, to look for “Control Panel”.
  • Within the Control Panel, click “Clock, Language & Region”.
  • Select the “Region & Language Settings” appearing.
  • Now choose the “Keyboards and Languages” tab. Under “Display language” you can “Install or Uninstall Display Language” and select the option to install an additional language for Windows 7.
  • Choose the desired display language from the available languages and click OK.

If you need any help with your Windows operating system, do not hesitate to contact a TrustATec partner near you. We can give you advice on how to change the Windows system settings, explain all important features of the operating system and help you with our Set-up of your new Device service or a Operating System Installation.

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