Installation of a new Graphics Card

If you are using your PC or laptop for multimedia, gaming or video editing, you will need a suitably-powerful graphics card to drive your software. A TrustATec specialist can help you identify and install the right graphics card for your requirements and ensure it is working to its full capability.

£30Fixed price*
  • Our technician will discuss your requirements, identify what kind of graphics card is needed and make suitable recommendations
  • We will also advise you if additional memory or hardware might be needed and give you advice about upgrade options
  • We will insert and fully install the new graphics card, including all necessary drivers and updates
  • Finally, we’ll check to make sure everything is running as it should be
  • We check whether everything is running as it should

Getting the best from your graphics card

The quality of image reproduction you get on your PC or laptop screen depends largely on the built-in graphics card. Its performance will, for example, determine the maximum screen resolution and the speed at which images are refreshed on-screen. Older PCs can’t keep up with the requirements of new software programs or games. If you want to watch or edit videos on your PC, or use advanced 2D or 3D drawing and design software, you will need a graphics card that is fast and powerful enough. Upgrading your graphics card will also bring other advantages, making everything more defined and easier to see, and improving display resolution and frame-rates, so that you experience much smoother and seamless graphics performance when playing videos, animations and games.

A service you can trust from our experienced experts

Our experienced TrustATec technicians will carefully assess your needs and recommend the right graphics card for your computer or laptop. They will perform the installation of the appropriate hardware and drivers by opening the case, replace the old graphic card with the agreed new one and run a thorough test of the new card in operation to make sure you are getting the results you expected.

Professional IT services at fixed prices from suppliers you can trust

TrustATec offers professional IT repairs and services at affordable, fixed prices, provided by suppliers that you can trust. When something goes wrong – such as a screen or a component failure, a virus infection or a loss of data, TrustATec can fix it – quickly and cost-effectively. There are TrustATec partners all over the UK and we cover all brands and manufacturers. We’ll always explain what we are going to do in simple terms and with fixed prices for pre-defined services, you will always know where you stand.

Our services at fixed price for all devices*

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Our professional repair and furnishing service for PCs and laptops of all manufacturers and brands. Fast, reliable and at a fixed price.

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Smartphone and tablet

We provide expert assistance in setting up your smartphone or tablet and a quick repair service.

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Hardware and software

In the case of hardware and software problems, we save your data, replace the defective hardware and install new components properly.

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Network and setup

Leave the installation, installation and connection of your technology to a professional partner so that you can get the most from your new equipment right away.

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We do IT! For a fixed price. For all brands and manufacturers.

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