PC Power Supply Replacement

If the power supply unit (PSU) in your PC or the AC adapter for your laptop fails, you’ll need it get it replaced. Especially for older systems, a new PSU or adapter can ensure continued reliable operation and reduced power consumption. Our technicians can provide you with dependable advice and carry out a full replacement.

£35Fixed price*
  • We will identify appropriate replacement power supplies for your system and present you with any options or choices that are available
  • Our technician will perform a full installation of the new unit in your system
  • A full functional test is performed to ensure the new power supply is working correctly and safely

A service you can trust from TrustATec

The AC power supply or adapter is a vital component of your system, providing the essential flow of electricity that drives the core circuits and electro-mechanical components of your computer. If the power supply does not work, nor does your PC or laptop. You will know if it fails of course, but a poorly-functioning PSU or adapter can also cause potential problems and lead to component failures or inefficient power consumption. In fact, a faulty power supply is one of the most common causes of failure in computers and PCs. If you suspect that your power supply is on its way out or not working properly, it is worth getting it changed.

Give your PC the reliable power it needs and deserves

Our experts can replace the power supply of your PC quickly and professionally. We will check your existing supply to check what the underlying cause of any failure or malfunction might have been and identify appropriate replacements. We’ll tell you why we think your PSU has developed problems – it might just be old and worn-out. Then, with your approval, we will carry out the replacement. For desktop PCs, this will involve removing the system unit cover, disconnecting the PSU from the system and installing and reconnecting the new supply. Finally, we will test the new power supply to ensure it is functioning safely and correctly.

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TrustATec offers professional IT repairs and services at affordable, fixed prices, provided by suppliers that you can trust. When something goes wrong – such as a screen or a component failure, a virus infection or a loss of data, TrustATec can fix it – quickly and cost-effectively. There are TrustATec partners all over the UK and we cover all brands and manufacturers. We’ll always explain what we are going to do in simple terms and with fixed prices for pre-defined services, you will always know where you stand.

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