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VoIP switchover in three steps

Visit your local TrustATec provider for a VoIP switchover consultation

Visit your TrustATec partner on site or get in touch via e-mail or telephone. Our technicians will advise you on your VoIP switchover.

Router consulting for all-IP conversion

We will discuss whether you need a new router when using VoIP and explain in detail what changes will come when suing internet telephony.

Changeover of telephone - supported by TrustATec

We take charge of the configuration of your existing or new router, explaining the settings to you -all at a fixed price and also on-site at your home.

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Advice on telephone switchover to VoIP from TrustATec

There is a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to switching phones over to VoIP technology. The fact is: by 2025 BT will convert all its connections from analogue to IP. This means that you will no longer be using your usual telephone line, but will be connected with the help of a router via the internet. The change to an IP network will require BT to migrate all of their customers off the ISDN network at some point within the next 10 years. Although this may seem like a long time, the process will likely take a lot longer than expected and BT intends to start soon. All users and businesses using ISDN channels will have to migrate by 2025, otherwise they will be without phone service.

Switchover of your landline phone to VoIP with TrustATec

Ensure you make preparations in good time to avoid BT cancelling your fixed line. Switches increase the available network bandwidth and increase the overall network performance. Our TrustATec technicians are happy to take care of the complete switchover of your telephone line to VoIP technology. If you are not sure what the terms "VoIP" or "Internet telephony" actually mean and whether your fixed network connection will even be affected by a change, then come to your local TrustATec expert. We will provide general advice on all aspects of switching your telephone connections to VoIP and make sure you are fully aware what needs to be done.

Internet telephony: Switching to a VoIP connection with TrustATec

The topic of internet telephony is often not easy to understand. That's why our experts at TrustATec will explain in detail what VoIP technology is all about and exactly how it works. We will then explain the challenges associated with the switchover of your fixed network connection and the type of router you need or whether your existing router meets the requirements.

Telephone switchover to VoIP: Router Configuration by TrustATec

TrustATec is your experienced partner for the switchover of analogue telephone lines to VoIP (internet) as required by BT. We take over the configuration of your existing or new router for you, so that you can continue to make calls with your fixed line connection without restriction and without any downtime. To do this, we first check whether your existing router is capable of VoIP or, if necessary, recommend a suitable device, which of course we will gladly provide you with upon request. Then we configure your VoIP router and explain the respective settings. We are happy to come to your home and conduct a final functional test together with you.

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