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Professional PC and Computer repair in three steps

Call in at your local TrustATec store and bring the broken device

Bring your faulty device to your local TrustATec partner. His trusted technicians will be able to advise you whether a repair is worthwhile and estimate the costs.

Fast and reliable Computer repair by TrustATec

Before proceeding with our professional Computer repair, we will inform you about all steps needed to repair your device. This will be done for every device by every vendor.

Computer repair - guaranteed professional and quick help

Only high-quality spare parts are used when repairing your PC or computer. Your device will be almost as new after going through our Computer repair service.

Services with fixed prices

Fast and easy Computer repair by TrustATec

Is your computer faulty? Is it loading incorrectly and showing a blue screen? Do you want your computer to be repaired immediately? At TrustATec, we will make sure that your computer is repaired quickly and professionally. We check which faults are present on your device and our technical team will fix them instantly and reliably. Is your computer’s external devices, i.e printer, mouse or keyboard, not working so well lately? Does your computer take a long time to start up? Then there may be various hardware faults that the TrustATec team can quickly detect in our service workshop via a fault diagnosis. We can then fix these problems for you. When repairing your computer, you should consult a TrustATec specialist who is familiar with installing hardware such as memory, graphics cards or motherboards. We provide repair services that also include installing the appropriate drivers for your new hardware. If you need help with Computer repairs, feel free to contact our team. Find your local TrustATec partner now.

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