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Professional Tablet repair in three steps

Take your defective tablet and go see a TrustATec partner

Bring your broken tablet to your closest TrustATec partner. The local techinicians will inspect your device, consulting you on a possible Tablet repair and providing you with an estimate of costs.

Tablet repair by your local TrustATec experts

We will advise you on the necessary repair, before professionally repairing your device. Before doing this, we would advise a Data Backup.

Fixed Tablet provided by our technicians

Our technicians will always only use high-quality components when repairing your device. Make use of our professional repair service and your device will be as good as new.

Services with fixed prices

Professional iPad and Tablet repair for a fixed price

Is your tablet broken? Have you noticed cracks in your Apple iPad screen? Take your tablet to the TrustATec service workshop where our team of technicians can quickly determine what kind of defect it is and fix it. We will repair Apple iPads and Android tablets of all brands, controlling the connections as well as the display and touchscreen function. Out on-site repair service is able to quickly exchange faulty hardware as the home button, power button, USB port and defective displays. Find the TrustATec technical service you need, on site now.

Broken iPad? Fast Tablet Help and Tablet repair from TrustATec

Does the power button on your tablet PC no longer work? If the power button is broken, you will not be able to turn your Apple iPad or Android tablet off and on, or lock the screen manually anymore. Have your tablet repaired by TrustATec, we check that all hardware buttons are working properly and exchange faulty components such as the power button quickly and professionally.

Get your tablet repaired by TrustATec

Is the power button not working properly on your tablet? Has your iPad got wet recently and now it won’t turn on? We examine your tablet for possible damage and complete a fault diagnosis to find out exactly which defects are present on your tablet. We also check the connections on your tablet and make sure that the screen and touch screen still work properly. Our service workshop is well equipped to quickly replace faulty hardware components such as home buttons, power buttons as well as interfaces such as USB ports and of course faulty screens.

Fast iPad repair by TrustATec

Is the home button on your tablet faulty? If the Home button on your tablet no longer works properly, you may not be able to use some of the important functions of your tablet. As the home button is a mechanical part of your tablet, it may be damaged over time due to frequent use. We check your home button and offer you a quick solution to your tablet problem. We examine all possible damage to your tablet and perform a functional test when the tablet repair has been completed, so that you can continue working straight away. If your tablet is faulty or no longer functioning or cannot be turned on, there might be many reasons for this. We check all functions of your tablet and present you with suitable solutions for defective displays, connections, water damage or other causes. We repair tablets of all common brands, Apple iPad tablets and Android tablets by Samsung, ASUS, Sony Ericsson, LG, Huawei, HTC and many other manufacturers.

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