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Professional and quick Windows repair at TrustATec
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Windows repair in three steps at TrustATec

Contact TrustATec and describe your Windows problem

Contact your local TrustATec dealer and describe your problem in detail. Our technicians will advise you on a possible Windows repair and offer a cost estimate.

A quick and low-cost Windows repair at a fixed price

We go through the necessary Windows repair with yourself before professionally repairing your operating system. On request we also offer a back up of your data.

Professional Windows repair: Your operating system runs flawlessly

Use our Windows repair when you need professional help for your computer. You will get your device back in near mint condition.

Services with fixed prices

Professional and quick Windows repair at TrustATec

TrustATec offers you quick, reliable and cost-efficient help if you are experiencing error messages, viruses or another kind of malfunction with your Windows PC. Does your Windows operating system refuse to start? Is the only thing you are seeing a blue screen or does your screen stay completely black? Or has your computer recently slowed down noticeably? Talk to us at TrustATec about your problem. Our team of technicians will make a quick and reliable diagnosis to determine which Windows repair is best for your computer. We will swiftly and professionally identify whatever kind of repair or help you need. And: It does not matter whether you need a repair for your Windows 7 operating system, or are trying to resolve problems with Windows 10 - TrustATec is your partner for expert operating system repair.

Windows repair - when the operating system crashes

Do you need a Windows repair because your operating system refuses to start? If you are experiencing a black screen after you have started your computer, or you are seeing a blue screen, you have to get a sound diagnosis of what is wrong first. There are many different causes for a black screen/blue screen, and it is not always necessary to repair the Windows operating system. We will quickly and professionally find out which kind of help or repair you need. And: Whatever kind of Windows problem you have - TrustATec is your partner for a professional Windows repair, no matter where you originally bought your PC or laptop.

Repair Windows - let the experts do the job

Has your computer recently slowed down noticeably? Are you experiencing a screen and cursor freeze after a couple of minutes and not able to continue using your Windows computer? TrustATec offers quick remedy with our Windows repair. We check your PC for errors and professionally repair your operating system at our service shop.

Problems updating to Windows 10? TrustATec can help

Many users report problems with their operating system after updating to Windows 10. In many cases the update has not been conducted completely or properly, leading to massive problems and errors. That is why many users are complaining about missing data after the Windows 10 update or are unable to find personal files like photos or documents. So if you need a Windows 10 repair it is easiest to come straight to TrustATec. We will check the possible sources for a malfunction on the basis of your description of the update process and talk to you about the possibilities of a Windows repair or recovery.

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